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A woman getting her teeth checked by a dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Toronto, ON

For most people, a warm, esthetically pleasing smile can be the most attractive feature in a person. Smiles can help you make great first impressions in both personal and professional spheres. That’s why people who aren’t proud of their teeth may walk around with a serious expression and only give a tight-lipped, half-hearted smile when prompted. But not anymore! At Pape Dental Centre, we make it possible for our patients to reinvent their smiles with effective cosmetic solutions.

We offer an assortment of cosmetic dental services, for imperfections that cannot be treated by preventive and restorative dentistry. Whether your teeth have been discoloured from smoking or alcohol, or an accident has left you with a broken tooth, there is a solution for every problem in cosmetic dentistry. Our dental team understands your needs and gives you the most suitable cosmetic dental solutions. Get in touch with our team today!

A dental diagram
A closeup showcasing the level of details of the complete denture set.


Veneers are porcelain laminates that create a layer around your teeth, camouflaging various imperfections for a pleasing appearance. A thin layer made of special material that matches perfectly with the rest of your teeth will be selected, and then this layer will be bonded to the front of your teeth. Dental veneers come in various shades to accurately match the existing teeth. They are very useful when teeth cleaning and whitening are not viable options. 

A set of shiny white teeth
A dentist using light to illuminate a patient's teeth while performing a procedure


This cosmetic, restorative procedure involves bonding tooth-coloured restorative material to teeth in order to restore them, or sometimes simply to mask discolouration or to restore fractured or chipped teeth, achieving a beautiful esthetic result. Veneers are also available in porcelain - a thin layer that is bonded to healthy tooth structure. With this procedure, tooth colour can be changed to provide the patient with a translucent, uniform, white colour, as well as to fill in gaps where necessary or alter the appearance of tooth contour (to make them more uniform).

A before and after image showcasing the effects of a dental procedure
Before teeth whitening image


After teeth whitening image



Lack of adequate oral hygiene is one of the biggest reasons why teeth start staining, but there can be other contributing factors as well. Staining caused due to food and drinks, medication, smoking and tobacco use, illness, and even aging is common among people. Stains can manifest in the form of brown spots, yellow appearing teeth, or discoloration. These stains can also become permanent. Thankfully, our whitening procedure can safely whiten and brighten your teeth to achieve a beautiful, esthetic result. A safe concentration of hydrogen peroxide is used to achieve this. Many patients are good candidates for this procedure, but not everyone. Ask us today about how you may benefit from this procedure.

Portrait of a beautiful latin woman

Cosmetic Contouring

Do the imperfections of your teeth keep you from having that confident and perfect smile? Teeth contouring and reshaping can help you correct gaps in your teeth, sculpt the shape of one or more teeth, and create more balance in the appearance of your smile. Our contouring services allow for small repairs and adjustments to improve the appearance of your crooked teeth, excessively small or large teeth, or teeth that have sustained fracture due to trauma.

A woman with braces getting her teeth checked


Orthodontics can help diagnose, prevent and treat incorrectly positioned teeth and jaws. While treatment times may vary from months to years, depending on the severity, the results are undeniable - noticeably improved jaw, teeth alignment and facial structure. Braces help gradually shift the teeth in their proper place and position. The treatment is usually followed by retainers to prevent your teeth from returning back to the original, incorrect position. With diverse options such as invisible and removable braces and enhanced quality, braces last longer and are more comfortable to wear every day for both children and adults.  We also prescribe space maintainers when necessary that help in the natural eruption and growth process of your permanent teeth and facilitate correct alignment by ensuring proper tooth-to-tooth contact.

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